Self-Care and Self-Love with the Tarot

Every day we run to and fro stressing out over every little thing, especially when other people are in our care. As  a mother I am guilty of putting everyone ahead of myself until I burn out and lash out at them, or at my friends. So thanks to The Deviant Witch pulling Reflections from the Lord Ganesha Oracle it got me thinking about self-love and self-care and how I can use the tarot to further incorporate those themes into my life.

Ace of Cups-Mystic Faery Tarot

Ace of Cups

“You cannot pour from an empty cup.” This card    reminds me that I cannot be a good mom, wife, or friend when I am drained and empty. Its okay to stop giving to everyone  every part of myself and to allow myself time to make sure I am okay. Even if that means telling my kids no, they can’t have my cookies or telling my friends that no I can’t lend them cash this week or give them rides places.




Four of Cups- Shadowscapes

Four of Cups

We see a young mermaid taking a moment to just daydream. Like the Ace of Cups this cards says to slow down a little bit. She has taken herself out of her natural element and is looking at it from a different perspective. Taking care of yourself sometimes requires you to step back and look at your situation from the outside so you can better manage everything. This doesn’t seem like it would be an effective self-care tip but think about how much you stress when everything piles up and you are in the midst of it all. You feel agitated, and your energy is frenetic. If you step back at look at it in another way you may find a better organization for each task, or maybe a better way to complete a specific task that will make tackling other issues easier. This is especially useful if you work in an office setting.


Four of Scepters- Tarot of the Vampyres 

Four of Scepters

This card is all about self love. To me she is strong and beautiful. She shows off her body art, her make-up and hair are amazing and she exudes sexuality and sensuality. She accepts that being a sexual creature is not a bad thing so long as it is done safely (note the circle around her). She is also very regal. So for me this would be the reminder to put on my war paint and accept that I enjoy the physical and there is nothing wrong with that.






Page of Cups- Shadowscapes

Page of Cups

Another card for self care. The Page sits and reflects on the emotions of the day. The anger, the stress, the general annoyance, the laughter, the peace, the love she might have felt. She releases those that don’t serve her, thanking them for the lessons each one imparts, but keeps those that help her. She ends her day with calm and that is something I really need to work on. I am always running around doing stuff and letting petty things rent space in my head which takes away from the space I should be giving to the good things I have. You could keep up with the good by doing a gratitude list before bed, even if the only good thing in your day was coming home and falling onto the couch, or being able to scream and yell about your horrid boss on the way home. Give yourself that moment to release the negative and embrace the good, no matter how small and take that good to bed with you.


Strength- Mystic Faery                           Strength-Tarot of the Vampyres

Strength. DragonStrength

These cards are self-love, self-care, and self-acceptance all rolled into one. Strength to me is more that conquering another task, person, or idea. It is the ability to say “I have to much on my plate, I need to let some of this slide so I can better manage the rest.” Its okay to admit when you cannot handle something. It also means accepting my temper for what it is. Having strength is also a life long build up of experiences. For me true strength is knowing that you have made it this far and knowing you can and will continue to make it, that you have the skill set to do so. In the tarot of Vampyres she has her arms throne wide and though her panther is leashed to her she is not trying to force it to do anything, she is confident in her ability to control what needs to be controlled and letting the rest handle itself. The Fae and her Dragon tell a similar story but it is more about the well-spring of strength that the fae has, her strength gives her dragon confidence in her so he knows that she can do this and is in turn strong for her. Their strength feeds one another. So when you need strength, lean on your family, your friends, let them know when you just need a helping hand and let their strength be your strength.

The Devil-The Steampunk Tarot-Barbra Moore

The Devil

This card tells me to let go. Its okay to let go of anything and anyone that hurts me or that does not make me better. It may hurt to let them go, and the separation might take time but that is okay. It  will hurt more if I keep feeding the beast.









The Hermit- Shadowscapes

The Hermit

Finally is the The Hermit. He stands alone, and sometimes that is what we need. Sometimes the best way to help yourself, and take care of yourself is to be alone. Make sure you set time aside for yourself where you are not answering your phone, or chasing children, or messing about on social media. Go sit on the porch and listen to the wind, the cars and let yourself sink into the peace. Let that peace feed your well-spring of strength. That strength will give you the ability to tell people no when you need to replenish yourself, and accept all aspects of yourself. Being alone also gives you the ability to reflect on what needs reflecting, and helps you to see the world from a different view. Sometimes that view is just knowing that your labors can be put down, and left alone for a bit until you are ready to pick them up again.


I hope you have found solace, advice or just a thought to think.

May your troubles be few and your blessings many;

Solaria W.


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