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Upcoming attractions

Good afternoon lovelies;

Coming up in the month of December I am excited to announce the start of an all new tarot journey. December will be all about the history of tarot, and the Major Arcana. They will be broken up in easy to digest bites and I invite you all to make videos, comment below, or even write you own blog posts with your own observations and insights. 

You will need

A tarot deck, or images of tarot cards you can easily access.

A journal

A writing instrument

Your beautiful brain and creativity. 
Remember tarot is meant to tap into the subconscious, so no matter how weird it may seem to you, write down your thoughts, explore them!

Much love; see you soon!

Solaria W.



Welcome to Misthaven.

My vision for this page is one of sound advice, a little bit of tomfoolery, and a hefty dose of magic.  My name is Solaria and I am a tarot reader, witch, mother, and wife who is addicted to coffee, and who tends to fall down a research rabbit hole once I find a topic I like.

May what you find here aide you, bring you comfort, a few laughs, and inspire you to be better than you were yesterday.

With Love;

Solaria W.