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My September

It has been a while since I last posted. I had one set up to post at the end of August but haven’t quite finished that post up. This month I am working on something…new. I have been Social Media free since the first of September, I did have a minor slip up  today while I was checking my emails. Rule of thumb, if you are going to avoid social media for a while, send the social media notifications to a spam folder if you can.

This is my version of doing self-love September, which if none of you have heard of it, it was started up about four years ago by Kelly-Ann Maddox, a lovely Chaos witch on youtube. She posts videos throughout the month about self -love and gives you lots of food for thought. If you want something a little more personal or one-on-one she does offer some stuff on her website. I will post all the links below if you want to go check it out.

So why do I consider stepping away from Facebook, twitter, etc. self-love work? Social media is a massive drain on my day, and without knowing it I had actually made myself addicted to  it. I was being fed constant streams of news, drama and shiney things. This led me to be distracted from the real world. Took away from hobbies that I loved and drained away my creativity because I was constantly looking at other people and seeing how good they were and trying to be them. But the thing is I am not them, I am me. I cannot be them because they are doing a stunning job at being them and I need to do a stunning job at being me because I am the only me out there. If that isn’t confusing as sin.

This is day five and honestly I was shocked to realize how much I want to get on facebook. I was okay so long as I didn’t have it staring me in the face, but the minute it was,  I had to log in. I felt like a damn junkie. I feel like a portion of my pattern is missing,  almost like you get when you know you forgot something but can’t quite figure out what until it smacks you upside the head. That feeling. So I putter about trying to figure it out. Then I realize, its the facebook thing. I want to log in, check up on friends and just be nosy. But really, aside from wanting constant stimulation, I have found it doesn’t serve a purpose. I am finding conversations with friends more stimulating and even my patience is better. I am no where near where I will be when this month is over, and I don’t think I will leave facebook behind forever, but  I do think I will leave it to a computer only thing instead of putting it on my phone and having constant access.

So what about you? Do you think you could leave facebook behind for a day? A week? A month? Would you ever consider it? Why  or why not? What do you think you would gain or lose from stepping away?

As always I hope this has given you something to think about or some tidbits of wisdom.

“Just because you fail, doesn’t mean you didn’t try.” ((Paraphrased quote from the lovely Kelly-Ann))

Kelly-Ann Maddox Youtube Page

Kelly-Ann Maddox Blog/Shop


Welcome to the Chaos Pit

Hello Lovelies,

Welcome to the Chaos Pit, also knows as a research rabbit hole. I am one of those lovely people who figures out that she has an interest in something and then basically dives into it and unless someone come and knocks on my door I will totally forget about the outside world.

This total submersion into research doesn’t happen as often any more as I do have children and have to keep an eye out on them but that usually means after they go to sleep I start reading and about the time the sun comes up I realize I haven’t slept yet and now have to handle two well rested little ones. Coffee is  my best friend on those days. Now I bet you are raising an eyebrow at the tangent. I promise it has a point.

Because I tend to overdo in one area it effects all areas of my life. I will neglect chores, avoid sleep and overdose on caffeine. (Yes its a thing, shakes, nausea, and various other symptoms have been recorded and that is a post for another time.) This effects my witch self too. Most of my study is in regards to my craft, sometimes that delves into areas of science and psychology. Currently I am looking into Tarot and Astrology, possibly followed by a Jungian Psychology chaser.

I believe it is great to have an active interest in things, and to follow the tangents as far as research goes because it helps us to develop as people, you can actually study yourself into being a genius, its nifty. But I have to remember to balance my need to research and consume new information with my life. Having my children around really helps remind me that I need to be present because they are always up my butt. Sometimes, watching them play and act out things has brought me shame, other times heartbreaking joy. Always though it tells me to take a moment, to step back from the books, the computer, and my phone. To go outside and enjoy the sunshine, enjoy a cookie or hell wrestle with the kids. Sometimes napping with them is the perfect break. My current greatest shame is I haven’t been reading to them before bed. In fact I let an app read to them more than I do. The app is great for days when I am not home for bed time. I can load the stories on a tablet and let it play for them. But I have started using it too much as a crutch.

So I say to you, look at your life, look at the things you do and see if you are spinning to fast to notice the things that matter, that bring your truth and your joy to the surface. Sometimes, taking five minutes to breath and find a single joyful thing can be the difference between burnout, and loving the life you live.


I hope you have found wisdom, or just food for thought here.


Blessed Be.

Solaria W.



Self-Care and Self-Love with the Tarot

Every day we run to and fro stressing out over every little thing, especially when other people are in our care. As  a mother I am guilty of putting everyone ahead of myself until I burn out and lash out at them, or at my friends. So thanks to The Deviant Witch pulling Reflections from the Lord Ganesha Oracle it got me thinking about self-love and self-care and how I can use the tarot to further incorporate those themes into my life.

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